art. lifestyle. passion

into the forest I go...

...come with us on this advanture to find beautiful fairies, dark creatures and foreign magic. Let yourself be enchanted by exotic snakes and bewitched by sirens...

about us


It´s something that anyone preserves inside. The urge to express, feel, share and experience. Art. Beauty. Community. Self expression.

For us it is important to enjoy the process and give life to what we do best: 


How we do it? By tattooing, drawing, sewing and moving.

What is the NAME about? The name we formed from a fusion of mythical, fantasy, the black forest (our home) and the bond to nature. 

What we are? We are an art and tattoo space in freiburg and offer high quality custom designs.

We invite you to join us on this advanture and meet us in the Düsterwald…